Festival: Zemlinsky 150

Alexander Zemlinsky

#Worldwide premiere

Festival Programme: 

Concert 1: Zemlinsky–Brahms–Berg
8.10. 2021, 18:00,National Museum – Czech Museum of Music
Concert 2: Zemlinsky–Schönberg–Berg
9.10. 2021, 11:00, State Opera 
Concert 3: Zemlinsky–Schönberg
9.10. 2021, 19:00, National Museum – Czech Museum of Music
Concert 4: Zemlinsky–Mozart
10.10. 2021, 11:00, Jewish Museum - Spanish Synagogue
Concert 5: Zemlinsky150
10.10. 2021, 19:00, State Opera


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Fri 10/08
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Sat 10/09
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Sat 10/09
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Sun 10/10
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Sun 10/10
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Alexander Zemlinsky, the conductor, composer, teacher and music director worked at the New German Theatre from 1911 to 1927, and led the house to international success. He expanded the repertoire and premiered numerous works, including his own compositions, but also for examle Arnold Schönberg's Erwartung, whic will also have a new premiere at the State Opera in November 2021. Also music by Ernst Krenek, Paul Hindemith, Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Franz Schreker was performed under his aegis. He succeeded in bringing great artists to Prague, including Maria Hussa, Paul Pella, Friedrich Schorr, Leo Slezak, Richard Tauber and Lotte Lehmann. In 1933, Zemlinky fled from Berlin, first to Vienna and then to the USA in 1938.

To mark the 150th anniversary of his birth on 14 October 2021, a festival will be held in his honour in Prague from 8 to 10 October 2021. During the festival a world premiere, the fragment of his opera Malva based on a story by Maxim Gorky will be premiered at the State Opera on 10 October 2021, orchestrated and edited by Antony Beaumont. In addition, four concerts with works by Zemlinsky, his contemporaries and composers close to him, will be part of the programme during the festival. They will be presented at the Czech Museum of Music and the State Opera, interpreted by Karl-Heinz Steffens & Ensemble, the State Opera Choir and Orchestra, the Zemlinsky Quartet and several vocal soloists. The concerts will be preceded by dramaturgical introductions and lectures by Antony Beaumont, who has devoted his entire professional life to the study of the personality of Alexander Zemlinsky.

Festival programme:

CONCERT 1: Zemlinsky–Brahms–Berg
8. 10. 2021, 18.00, National Museum - Czech Museum of Music
Karl-Heinz Steffens & Friends
clarinet: Karl-Heinz Steffens
piano: Michal Friedlander
cello: Claudio Bohórquez
Johannes Brahms: Trio for piano, clarinet and violoncello in A minor, op. 114
Alban Berg: Four Pieces for clarinet and piano, op. 5
Alexander Zemlinsky: Trio for piano, clarinet and violoncello in D minor, op. 3

CONCERT 2: Zemlinsky–Schönberg–Berg
9. 10. 2021, 11.00, State Opera
State Opera Orchestra
Mezzosoprano: Štěpánka Pučálková

Conductor: Karl-Heinz Steffens
Alban Berg: Three pieces from the “Lyric Suite”
Alexander Zemlinsky: Six songs after poems by Maurice Maeterlinck, op. 13  
Arnold Schönberg: Chamber Symphony No. 1 for 15 solo instruments, op. 9

CONCERT 3: Zemlinsky–Schönberg
9. 10. 2021, 19.00, National Museum - Czech Museum of Music
Zemlinsky Quartet
Mezzosoprano: Markéta Cukrová
Alexander Zemlinsky:  String quartet No. 2, op. 15
Arnold Schönberg: String quartet No. 2, op. 10

CONCERT 4: Zemlinsky–Mozart
10. 10. 2021, 11.00, Spanish Synagog
Zemlinsky Quartet
Alexander Zemlinsky: String quartet No. 3, op. 19
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: String Quartet No. 19 in C Major, „Dissonance“ 

CONCERT 5: Zemlinsky150
10. 10. 2021, 19.00, State Opera
State Opera Chorus
State Opera Orchestra

Conductor: Karl-Heinz Steffens
world premiere
Alexander Zemlinsky: Malva, opera fragment, instrumanted by Antony Beaumont
Malva: Jana Sibera
Jacob: Josef Moravec
Wasili: Jiří Hájek 
Alexander Zemlinsky: Hochzeitsgesang
Alexander Zemlinsky: Frühlingsglaube and Geheimnis 
Alexander Zemlinsky: Lyric Symphony, op. 18

soprano: Johanni van Oostrum
baritone: Michael Nagy

The festival will feature ensembles of the Zemlinsky Quartet, Karl-Heinz Steffens and Friends, the State Opera Choir and Orchestra.

Conductor: Karl-Heinz Steffens

Opera Soloists: Jana Sibera, Josef Moravce, Jiří Hájek
Opera Guests: Michal Friedlander, Claudi Bohorquez, Markéta Cukrová, Štěpánka Pučálková,  Johanni van Oostrum, Michael Nagy

Guest of honour: Antony Beaumont

Dramaturgy: Kai Hinrich Müller

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