Music by Terezín Composers

Pavel Haas
Viktor Ullmann
Gideon Klein


Conductor: Olga Machoňová Pavlů
Oboe: Vilém Veverka
Soprano: Vera Talerko)
Mezzosoprano: Jarmila Balážová
Baryton: Miguel Cavalcanti
Bass: Pavel Švingr
Tenor: Jaroslav Březina

Soloists and Orchestra of the State Opera


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The concert Music by Terezín Composers from a cycle Musica non grata is also a first concert in cooperation with the music festival Everlasting Hope.
The concert opens with pieces by Pavel Haas - The Study for string orchestra, an impassioned statement composed during his incarceration in the Theresienstadt camp-ghetto, a year before his death. Amidst the uncertainty as to what the future would bring, he wrote a piece comparable with the greatest 20th-century works of music. The concert will also feature his Suite transcribed for oboe and strings by Ondřej Kyas.

The first part of the concert will end with an arie  from Viktor Ullman’s Der Kaiser von Atlantis (The Emperor of Atlantis).  Unlike other Terezín composers pieces, his opera was never performed in the concentration camp as a parable about a mad dictator conceived in Theresienstadt was too evident. Both the composer and the librettist, Petr Kien, were murdered in Auschwitz.

Second part of the concert will be opened by the Partita for string orchestra, the last completed piece of Gideon Klein, yet another extraordinary talent who fell victim to the Nazi “Final Solution”. The concert will symbolically conclude with The Suite from Hans Krása’s Brundibár which will precede its complete staged performance within the Musica non grata festival.

The presenter of the evening will be Martina Kociánová.

Pavel Haas: Study for string orchestra
Pavel Haas: Suite for oboe and string orchestra (Suite for oboe and piano, Op. 17, orchestrated by Ondřej Kyas)
Viktor Ullman: Der Kaiser von Atlantis (The Emperor of Atlantis): Des Kaisers Abschied - Finale
Antonín Dvořák: Serenade for Strings, 1.and 2. movement (Hommage to Karl Ančerle)

readings from the text of Arnošt Lustig

Antonín Dvořák: Songs My Mother Taught Me

Gideon Kleinn: Partita for string orchestra (Trio for violin, viola and cello, arranged for string orchestra by Vojtěch Saudek)

- intermission -

Viktor Ullmann, Der Kaiser von Atlantis 
Árie Bubenice „Hallo, hallo“
Árie Bubikopf „Ist’s wahr, dass es Landschaften gibt“
Árie Smrti „Das waren Kriege“ (Pocta Karlu Bermanovi)
Árie Císaře „Der Kriegt ist aus“
Finále „Komm, Tod, du unser werter Gast"

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