Hans Krása
Suite from the children's opera Brundibar (arrangement David Mathews)

Conductor: Jana Cecílie Mimrová
State Opera Orchestra
Ballet of the National Theatre Opera,artistic leader Jiří Hejna
Little Girl: Adélka Plachetková

Director: Magdaléna Švecová
Set Design: David Janošek
Camera, Animation, Postproduction: Tomáš Hrůza
Sound: Matouš Uhlíř, Jan Křišťál
Light Design: Jan Dörner
Choreography: Petr Jirsa

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from 07/04/2021
5.00 pm
State Opera
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About the Film

Krása production focuses on one of the most touching and well-known operas of the 20th century: the children's opera "Brundibar". Hans Krása, a native of Prague, created, after deportation to a labor camp in Terezín, a "Terezian version" of his opera, which the imprisoned children performed 55 times. Hans Krása died in the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp in 1944. The State Opera Orchestra presents a suite arranged by David Mathews.

The opera director Magdalena Švecová explored an unusual concept of this suite: “The main inspiration is music as an element that cannot be silenced, it lives in the changes of time, it survives various regimes, prohibitions, commands. The instruments resound in the hands of several generations, echoes from the past find resonance in the present. The plot of children's opera is not part of the visual concept. The fact that the work was created for children is reminded here by the figure of a little girl, who at the same time symbolizes playfulness, innocence, carefree, fragility ... Children's eyes do not judge and do not try to stop time. Children can conjure a vivid present moment, dance images, tones and shadows. The sadness, the weight of lack of freedom and the fear that accompanied the unhappy days of Terezín are indicated here only very lightly, to signal upward hope in the form of white wings. "

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