Presenting the Musica non grata Advisory Board

Per Boye Hansen, Artistic Director of the National Theatre Opera and the State Opera
“The first season of the Musica non grata project will encompass productions of Hans Krása’s Verlobung im Traum and Franz Schreker’s Der ferne Klang. Furthermore, the State Opera will host a concert performance of Erwin Schulhoff’s Flammen. The National Theatre Opera will stage a new adaptation of Jaromír Weinberger’s Schwanda the Bagpiper and present in concert Bohuslav Martinů’s The Chapbook.”

Karl-Heinz Steffens, Artistic Director of the State Opera
“Totalitarian regimes can imprison, banish, even kill artists. Our project serves to prove that art is eternal and imperishable. I am happy to have the opportunity to participate in Musica non grata, a cycle that over the next four years will present the diverse creation of composers some of whom did not survive the Nazi era but who have remained with us thanks to their music.”

Jaroslav Kyzlink, Artistic Director of the National Theatre Opera
“Every music director and every performing artist finds it immensely encouraging, but also binding, when their company joins a multiyear project as significant as Musica non grata. In my opinion, Bohuslav Martinů’s and Jaromír Weinberger’s works, which we will perform at the National Theatre within the project’s first season, fully comply with the cycle’s intentions – even though not overly frequently staged, their quality is beyond dispute, while the two pieces are also attractive for the audience, whom we highly regard, in this time in particular.”

Ondřej Hučín, chief dramaturge of the National Theatre Opera
“At the present time, when some again flirt with the notion of directive control of society and when political marketers are cunningly capable of abusing human folly in this respect, it is appropriate to recall the possible consequences of forsaking freedom, either involuntarily or voluntarily, and hatred against other cultures. The Musica non grata project aims not only to draw attention to “unwelcome music”, music that was to be silenced, but also to rewind the whole “film” about the 20th–century dictatorships that ruined or afflicted the lives of many great musicians.”

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