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International project Musica non grata

Music of persecuted composers

The international Musica non grata cultural project focuses on the rich musical life in Prague in the early 20th century and between the two world wars, which during the reign of the Nazis was markedly silenced. Directed at the arts and science, the four-year cycle affords opera, theatre and classical music lovers the opportunity to attend performances of opera productions, and concerts of symphonic and chamber works written by persecuted composers. The project also encompasses an accompanying scholastic programme aimed at setting up a digital library.
Musica non grata is a project pursued by the National Theatre Opera, the State Opera and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Prague. It opened with a gala concert at the State Opera on 30 August 2020.

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Hindemith - poslední online koncert je natočený!

Orchestr Národního divadla v čele s dirigentem Robertem Jindrou natočili v režii Víta Bělohradského poslední online koncert ze série "... a přece znějí dál!".  Program se tentokrát zaměřil na skladby Paula Hindemitha: Koncert pro flétnu, hoboj, klarinet, fagot, harfu a orchestr (1949) a Pavla Haase: Studie orchestra d`archi (1943).

Doprovodného slova se ujali dramaturgyně Opery Jitka Slavíková a tajmeník Federace židovských obcí v Praze pan Tomáš Kraus. Koncert bude zveřejněn na YouTube kanále Opera Národního divadla na konci divadelní sezóny. Fotografie z natáčení si můžete prohlédnout zde.


Opera and covid-19 restrictions

Dear opera visitiors,

pursuant to the government resolution regarding easing the pandemic restrictions in culture, the National Theatre commenced selling tickets for its performances from June to September 2021. The programme features several new productions, selected titles from the repertoire of our companies, special concerts and guest performances. Each of the theatre venues will have half of its auditorium capacity. Audiences will be obliged to adhere to specific epidemic measures. Stands with hand sanitisers will be available at the entrances to all buildings, and theatre staff will offer respirators to the visitors. 

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